The Sand Dunes (or Komolithi) is one of the most bizarre and interesting landscapes in Crete. Near the valley of Tyflos River, about 35Km west of Chania, the Sand Dunes are within the administration boundaries of Kissamos.


Combine it with your excursion to Elafonissi

Rest for a while in Potamida square

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They are special dunes consisting of soft clay that over time has acquired these wonderful conic shapes due to erosion.
This unique scenery is tucked away in the quaint and traditional village of Potamida.

They are only a few meters away from the village’s houses on a very fertile flat and it is exactly this that makes them so arresting, that they stand out from the fields of the valley. Small and large ‘METEORA’ are formed, bare on the sides but with small bushes on their summit, creating a striking contrast. It is worth taking a detour when you visit Elafonisos to admire this beautiful view from a distance.