For many years now Telonio Beach is Kissamos’ meeting point. Along the length of the cobblestone road you can find cafes, traditional and other restaurants, bars and clubs.

It starts east and extends almost to the municipal sports ground of Kissamos, about 1Km further east. It is essentially the westernmost part of a huge beach that starts from Kissamos and goes as far as Nopighia, many kilometres to the east.

Discover Kissamos

Thanks to its position and stunning views to the gulf of Kissamos, it is a great destination for coffee, a meal or drink any time of the day or night. Enjoy your breakfast and coffee early in the morning with the salty breeze from sea adding colour and flavour. The spectacular view is bound to make your meal tastier, be it morning or evening. The summer pace of the town does not stop there of course, it is carried on at the clubs and bars until next morning. Popular especially to the younger generation, it gives a lively beat to the town, particularly in the summer months.