Words fail to capture the true essence of this land. To fully understand Kissamos one must experience it with all their senses. To witness the stunning mix of mountainous, lowland and seaside scenery, to spot unique species of rare flora and fauna, to discover ancient worlds. To take in the scent of the sea, and of the air filled with the aromas of all sorts of herbs, to taste the pure produce of Cretan land: olive oil, honey, wine, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and raki, soaked in the zest of the local people, all mystically involved with this very soil, across centuries.

To hear the sweet voices of local singsong, ‘Mantinades’. To listen to everyday conversation regarding anything from legend to folklore, from tradition to history. To relish the hospitality and marvel at the majestic Cretan land that lies in the crossroads of three continents, fearless and life-giving, beyond all expectation.


Kissamos offers an enormous variety of beaches and seashores, some unknown to most people and others prizewinning and famous. Who doesn’t know or hasn’t dreamt of magical Falassarna, the exotic Balos Lagoon or the unique island of Elafonisos? Scenery of singular beauty, and pink sand that takes your breath away. All of them characteristic of Kissamos. Discover a small part of our Municipality, our beaches.



Kissamos has a long history, folklore and beautiful places worth visiting to admire. The Maris Fountain, the archaeological museum of Kissamos, the historic Skalidis street once the commercial centre of Kissamos, the Telonio Beach, are just some of the attractions and the places worth visiting at the centre of the town of Kissamos. Of course, Kissamos has an everlasting treasure…



Kissamos is full of short and long routes you can hike on during your stay. The area is also crossed by the European path E4. E4 is a European long-distance path operated by the European Ramblers Association (E.W.V.). The part of the path that runs within the Greek territory has been designed and signposted by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and climbing. The path starts from the Pyrenees, it crosses the entire mountain range of the Alpes and it arrives at Florina where the Greek part of it starts. It crosses the whole of Greece down to Gythio and continues to Kissamos. From Kissamos starts the new part of E4 that goes down to Elafonisos and crosses all of Crete,…



THE TOWN OF KISSAMOS   The northern western edge of Crete, located between the capes of Gramvousa and Spathas, forms a natural bay. The present-day town of Kissamos is built on its inlet at 38 km west of Chania. It is the second largest town in the prefecture and the administrative centre of the Municipality of Kissamos that comprises the…



The history of Kissamos is rich and the archaeological sightseeing is just as rich. The history is lost in the depths of centuries and intertwines with mythology and the history of Chania and the rest of Crete. Within the boundaries of the Municipality, there are tell-tale signs of Neolithic habitation, and 5.7 million years old prints of a human ascendant were discovered recently. Let’s discover together the archaeological sites of Kissamos.



The contribution of the church and the faith of the people were the main components in shaping history and they still hold strong in Kissamos’ everyday life.