Among the efforts of rekindling the population with local customs and bringing out local culture, the reverend Archbishop of Kissamos – Selinos, Irineos Galanakis held in 1996 the re-enactment of a traditional wedding of Kissamos, the way it was done up until the 1950’s. This is a custom that repeats summer after summer, attracting crowds from all over Greece and abroad, organised by the ‘Gramvousa’ Promotion Club of Kissamos. A wedding, back in those days, would last three days, Saturday to Monday. Its present-day version though is just a one-day happening.

The bride’s dowry is carried to the groom’s house on adorned horses and the procession is followed by family members and friends of the couple accompanied by traditional Cretan singsong and instruments. Then, the procession goes back to the bride’s place and as the parents give her away to the groom, church bells toll to direct everyone towards it. Bride and groom are brought on horses or a carriage to the church. After the end of the ceremony the couple is offered honey with walnuts as a token of fertility and sweet common life and then, the feast is on!

First up, Rizites, the groomsmen sing their songs (Rizitika tis tavlas = songs of the mountains’ roots for the wedding table) and later, accompanied by lute and violin, they all dance together.