The Holy Church of Zoodochos Pigi Parthenonos of Kissamos lies on Polyrrhenia treet on the southeast edge of the town, close to the cemetery. This is a modern nunnery, dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi. It was built between 1905-1910 by Bishop Anthimos Leledakis and renovated from 1962 to 1965 by Bishop Irineos Galanakis. Its premises served as a place of educational and spiritual growth, hosting the Urban Girl School, unique across Crete, in which girl students, graduating from elementary grade and the School for the Deaf, came for further education. Prominent Bishops are buried on either side of the school’s grounds. Today, a total of 10 nuns live there, who occupy their time with icon painting and handicraft, when not praying.

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