Back in the summer of 2013 the people of Rokka and Kera, two foothill villages, held for the first time ever cultural and artist happenings at the archaeological site of Rokka. An ideal spot lying atop a circa 210 m hill, towering over the area. From up there, panoramic views of the Rokka gorge and the surrounding area all the way to Kissamos bay, are unobstructed and absolutely stunning. This unparalleled setting, aided by the people in the area, is the stage for high quality cultural events, something that rekindled tourism, motivated local youth to dabble in local matters and, at the same time, became a cradle of promoting and curating arts and culture.

Over time, it was established as quite the popular institution, attracting ever more people, associations and local authorities, who began participating as co-organisers, to end up getting more than 14,000 visitors annually, and not just Cretans but rather from all over Greece and abroad. It takes place every August during the full moon, which grants a touch of magic to the whole vibe. Part of these happenings is sight walking and, for those intrigued, climbing a 58 m high rock via a rather dangerous, at places, path and reaching the top, at 268 m above sea, to witness a unique view stretching from the Oropos peninsula to Gramvousa.

Additionally, concerts, art gallery exhibitions and stage plays take place, by both local and foreign artists. The higher goal and driving force behind all this is the wish of the organising locals to cast a spotlight on their birthplaces as a home of culture, stir up collaboration and push the youth into taking up the arts.