Topolia Gorge or Topoliano lies south of the town of Kissamos. It starts at the village of Strovles and concludes at Topolia, at an altitude of 150 m. Its accessible section extends from between the villages of Katsomatado, at 250 m above sea, and the stone-built Marathokamara, until the nearby village of Topolia, at 150 m high. It spans 1,500 m in length, 5 to 50 m in width while its walls reach up to 300 m in height. River Tyflos runs through this gorge and crossing it is easy. There is a diversity of herbs and rich flora, with rare endemic plant species (namely, species that grow in a single location). The traveler will come across wild olive and plane trees, scrub oaks, wild sage, oleasters, thyme, gorse, myrtle, carob trees and many more. Along the gorge form a number of niches, out of which the most eminent and accessible to visit is the cave of Agia Sofia with the namesake church on its inside, stalagmites and stalactites of great archaeological interest.

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