The Rokka Gorge lies 13 km southeast of the town of Kissamos, starts at the village of Deliana and after some 2 km concludes at the area of Mesonisi, north of the village of Rokka. This is a signposted gorge, quite sloped, relatively hard, takes 2 hours to cross mainly through its river, which is the reason to do it in the summertime when the river runs almost dry. There are places where it gets too narrow, with vertical and imposing flanking rocks towering above at 200 m, while plane trees standing tall cast their cool shade along the whole way. It’s the continuation of the Gorge of Mesavlia-Deliana and its river flows into the Nopigia beach. Its flora and fauna history is quite significant as once it was crowded with numerous animals and birds as well as a plethora of beehives producing a surplus of honey, so much in fact that it was said to overflow and stream down like ribbons of silk as it flowed into the river. Worth mentioning is the thornless capers growing in the area, in contrast to the one growing in the lowlands, something that renders it easy to collect.

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