On the way to Malathyro, circa 20 km southwest of the town of Kissamos and at an altitude of 340 m, lies the village of Sasalos, where the Halase Gorge a.k.a. Porofarangio starts at to conclude just before the village of Makronas. This is an easy to cross gorge, for the most part, also accessible by persons with special needs. Halfway through, roundabout Malathyro, the path changes to dirt as it approaches Makronas. In total, the trek takes an average of four hours, in a pristine Cretan natural setting that brings together the streams flowing in from Kalogeros and Mylonofarangio. Hikers can see just before Makronas, near the arched stone-built bridge, the memorial honouring 62 civilians executed by the Nazis in August 1944, as retaliation for conducting guerrilla warfare in the area. The middle part of the gorge hosts a natural tunnel. River Anilios runs through the gorge; it flows into River Tyflos and out in Kissamos bay.

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